Our Worldwide Network

At present, we have a vast client base in the countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Srilanka, etc. Our company has endeavored to maintain our worldwide customers through our client-friendly approaches and ethical business practices. Such policies have helped us to serve our clientele properly and thereby attain maximum customer satisfaction. Some of our reputed clients are ONGC, OMAX, Sharda Group, Surya Roshni Group, Vardhaman, DSM, Bhushan, Dabur, Reckitt benchiser and many more.


Our mission is to offer the latest engineering solutions to our clients worldwide, through established systems of design and engineering fuelled by our rich human assets.

Why Us?

  • Impeccable Range of Products
  • Use of High Grade Raw Material
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Ethical Business Policies

Quality Assurance

With the motive to maintain high quality in our products like Wet Scrubber, FRP Storage Tanks, Pickling Tanks, Fumeless Pickling Line, PP/FRP Storage Tanks, Turnkey Fume Exhaust System/Air Pollution Control System, Plating Tank, Pickling Tanks, Packed Bed Column, Ventury Scrubber, So2 Tower, FRP Lining and Turbo air ventilator high grade inputs in their manufacturing processes. Moreover, we have engaged a team of highly efficient quality testers who minutely examine the properties of the raw material along with supervising the production process and inspecting the finished outputs.
Our finished products are examined on the basis of the following parameters:

Product Portfolio

We manufacture the following Products at our company:

Wet scrubber

Fume Extraction System/Air Pollution Control System

PP/FRP spray tower

Fumeless Pickling Line

Acid storage tanks

Packed Bed Scrubber

FRP Lining

Pickling Tanks/Fumeless Pickling Line

Ventury Scrubber

FRP Ducting

Pickling Tanks /Plating tanks

Turbo air ventilator

FRP Acid Oil Tanks

PP/FRP storage tanks

Spray Column/SO2 Tower

PPG Lining

FRP Reaction Vessels

FRP Process Tanks



FRP Storage Tanks


The products exported by our firm are :

Industries We Serve

The prominent industries where our products find wide application are:

Chemical / Bulk Drugs / Pesticide / Insecticide / Pharmaceutical / Agro-chemicals / Fertilizers etc.

Vanaspati / Acid Oil / Soap Foundries

Chloro-Alkali Plants

Laboratory / Test Houses

Milk & powder milk industries

Acrylic / Rayon / Polyester Fibre

Wire / Bar Mills / GI Cable Tape / Fasteners Manufacturer

Tuguston Filament

Coilled Rolling mills / Pipe / GI Structures

Distillery / Industrial Alcohol

Metal pretreatment / Electroplating

TV Color Picture Tube

Sewage treatment plant (STP)/ETP/WTP

Automobile Industry

Automotive Batteries

Oil refineries

Pulp, Paper & Sugar Mills

Our Infrastructure

After the proper planning of the respective field, we have developed an advance infrastructure accordingly and equipped all the requisite equipment in it. While developing the infrastructure we primarily focused on building a world class production unit that would facilitate higher production rate along with providing an excellent working environment to our employees. The high-tech machines installed in both of our manufacturing units are:

Raw Material Used

Only superior quality raw material is being used by us in the production of end products. This help us in making durable and the best quality products. The raw material we use incorporate Resin, Fiberglass Mat, Glass Roving, PP/PVC/PVDF sheets, Pigments, PP Ball Valve, PP Flange, Pall Rings. Further, we conduct quality check on our raw material and our finished products as per the following standards: